Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Girl

Who's the Birthday girl?

Did you know Marissa:
Was born frank breach (butt first).
Went to to 3 proms her Junior year.
Favorite color is yellow.
Sucked her two fingers on her left hand.
Finds the good and gets along with everyone.
Wears basketball shorts constantly.
Loves oatmeal.
Laughs easily. 
Her nick name was Bowissa (thanks Natalie) or Baby Bo.
At 18 months, had a 20 word vocabulary.
Puts her make-up on in the dark.
Won a Physical Fitness award in the Junior Miss program.
Played high school volleyball.
Loves to sleep.
Went on two dates in one day.
Committed  crimes involving spray paint.
Went skinny dipping. At girls camp.
Was voted Dancer Of The Year.
Spoke at Seminary graduation.
Plays the piano.
 Is wonderful. :)

Some (but not all) of the things we love about Marissa:
She can't rhyme. She still thinks "bum"and "sun" rhyme. (Natalie)
Marissa has the confidence to be her own person and laugh at herself. (Mom)
I love how thoughtful she is. She bought me an unexpected gift at Christmas. (Kimmy)
Once she read the word Llama, and pronounced it La-lame. (Paige)
Marissa is amazing. She is a great example and stands up for what is right. (Max)
Looking at a plant she said,  "I love these. They never die." It was silk. (Mitch)
I love how she thinks she has a higher butt crack than everyone else. (Bryce)
She buys me airplane tickets to fly to Washington to see her. (Hailey)
I love her infectious smile and laugh. (Dad)

We Love You Marissa. 
Happy 20th Birthday!


  1. i still remember the bum & sun incident. :) gotta love her!

  2. So sweet! I remember her sucking her fingers :)

  3. Miss you both, don't really feel like we've had much of a chance to get to know Mitch....Excited to see you in May!!! Love and miss you....